Wireless AI Edge Solution

Deep learning neural network and multi-access edge computing (MEC) are important features in 5G ecosystem. WiGig AI edge solution provides real-time, high-bandwidth, low latency wireless access for training and inference between edge platform and fog/cloud layer, such as Nvidia edge AI and smart AI drone, and build up ultra-speed P2P/PTMP mesh network for backup and live stream.

Wireless Gigabit AI Edge Connectivity solution Nvidia TX2 plus WiGig Hub

Let’s take a quick look at an intelligent automated textile factory that makes use of Edge computing and 5G Wi-Fi. Textiles have come a long way since their early days thanks to things like green technologies and the addition of smart electronics. That complexity allows manufacturers to keep end-product defects to a minimum. In many factories, defect detection is a manual process and certainly not a perfect one. Automation takes the inspection and detection process to levels previously unseen.

What’s needed to implement Industry 4.0 scenarios in such a factory? You need an intelligent Edge computing platform with high data-transfer rate, zero-latency video inspection with multiple high-speed cameras, and a fixed-wire access (FWA) appliance on the textile inspection machine. This will minimize inspection time while maximizing yields.

When you throw in the multi I/O requirements, like up to six cameras, and space limitations of the application, a platform like Aetina’s AN310, using an nVidia Jetson fits the bill. This platform can embed Millitronic’s 5G WiGig hub solution using a ethernet RJ45 interfaceto deliver wireless Gigabit Ethernet data transfers for the first- and last-mile 5G applications.


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