Keen Knowledge of The WiGig Market

5G Mobile Edge Network

Support IEEE 802.11ad, up to 2Gbps 
Plug and Play 
Enjoy wireless gigabit network 
Avoid interference from traditional WiFi ( 2.4/5GHz)

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 Industrial WiGig Mixed Reality

Low latency wireless display extension from host PC 
Wireless extension for your USB device 
Wireless gigabit extension

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 Enterprise WiGig Docking

Low latency wireless display (<10ms) and high frame rate 
Smooth Interactive in mixed reality space 
Take off wire bonding 
Avoid interference ( <6GHz)

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 WiGig AIoT Edge Computing

Wireless gigabit deep learning for real time 
Wireless virtualization extension for special mission 
Wireless gigabit neural network with Nvidia Jetson TX2

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