Hive Wireless Docking Station:Transmitter&Dock Receiver kit(60GHz / WiGig)

The Millitronic HIVE wireless docking station lets you connect your Win10 laptop wirelessly to a big-screen display and projector via the HDMI/VGA ports — With 60GHz Wi-Fi technology, giving you latency-free(under 30ms) no annoying cables, brand new user experience
Hive – your personal AP dock. Wireless connection through Hive speeds up to 5-10X faster than WiFi with no interference

Wireless camera, connecting UVC camera to Hive USB port, you can remote UVC camera from laptop within 5 meters

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 Wireless Dock Receiver ( Model # WGDOCK1H ) 

.60GHz Radio
.Adaptive 180 Degree Beamforming
.USB3.0 Type A/HDMI /VGA/RJ45
.Size: 185 x 120.7 x 40.3 mm (7.283 x 4.752 x 1.587 inch)
.Weight: 246g (8.7 oz)
.Power: DC 12V-1A in
.Contains FCC ID: 2AJAS2019M2


 Wireless USB3.0 Transmitter ( Model # MG360 )

.60GHz Radio
.Adaptive 360 Degree Beamforming
.Internal Storage 8G/ Driver Build-in
.USB3.0 Type A
.Size: 110.3 x 59.3 x 17.3 mm (4.342 x 2.335 x 0.681 inch)
.Weight: 65 g (2.3 oz)
.Window 10, 64-bit only


 Drivers Released 

HIVE Diver ( Download ) MilliDock_1.2.6.0 (2019/7/24)


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