July,20 2022

Millitronic solves common problems with network card installation

For convenience, users usually buy a network card by themselves and install it by themselves. However, due to the incompatibility of the bsp with the hardware device, there may be many problems that can overwhelm the user.

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July,13 2022

敬邀參與 8/23 Innovation Day

Innodisk(宜鼎國際)攜手子公司安提國際、巽晨、安捷科、維新應用以及ASUS IoT、Intel、微軟、NVIDIA 於8/23舉辦Innovation Day

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July,6 2022

AX210 With Diole antenna kit

The kit includes vPro and non-vPro verison that there is silghtly difference in usage. This is the vPro/non-vPro version, and if you want vPro/non-vPro version, please check here. We have provided documents for further usage information.

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June,28 2022

Remote courses

still scrambling for distance classes?

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June,14 2022

Let’s Enable 6GHz Wi-Fi on Your NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Millitronic provides Wi-Fi 6E solution for NVIDIA Jetson platform. The solution includes AX210.NGWGII.NV Intel network card, 6GHz dipole antenna kit……….

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June,1 2022

WiLink Station:Wi-Fi 6 Interactive Display Adapter

Millitronic’s WiLink Station is the world’s first wireless connectivity adapter that supports the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). 

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May,18 2022

Millitronic will be at Embedded World 2022

Millitronic will participate in Embedded World, an international exhibition in Nuremberg, Europe, with Innodisk Group. At that session, the company’s representative products will be exhibited, including Wi-Fi 6 Media Server module and the wireless network card: Intel AX210.

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May,4 2022

WiLink Station user scenario

User scenarios
Dual display
Single display plus
wireless docking station

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Apr,7 2022

Wi-Fi 6E for NVIDIA Jetson™ Platform

With the increasing application of IoT devices and artificial intelligence technology in various industries, in order to process massive data in real time, stable low-latency wireless communication technology and high-performance artificial intelligence edge computing are essential in this field.

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Mar,28 2022

WiLink For Virtual Station

Millitronic’s WiLink Station is designed to easily connect and share IT assets and peripherals to a remote or virtualized host over wireless IP network. It can add wireless capabilities to a wide range of units…….

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Feb,17 2022

Millitronic introduces Intel Wi-Fi 6E M.2 card forNvidia Jetson to fulfill industrial applications

Stable and low-latency wireless communication and high-performance AI edge computing are key elements for Industry 4.0, which allows people to collect and analyze data quickly from machines, factories, and IOT devices deployed in the field.

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