Millitronic solves common problems with network card installation


AX210 for NVIDIA
Millitronic solves common problems with network card installation

For convenience, users usually buy a network card by themselves and install it by themselves. However, due to the incompatibility of the bsp with the hardware device, there may be many problems that can overwhelm the user.

In fact, most of the problems encountered by consumers are similar, such as the Bluetooth cannot be found after installation. This may be caused by the version jumping too fast. For example, AX200 supports Bluetooth 4.8; AX210 can support Bluetooth 5.2. So if you buy the AX210, you won’t have this problem.

Some consumers found that it cannot be recognized after being installed, or it can’t be connected to the internet. This might be because the BSP does not necessarily support all versions of the network card. However, the network card jointly developed by Millitronic and Aetina supports all versions, so there will be no problems of unconnected or unrecognized.

Some other consumers were bothered that it could not be supported downwards after purchasing a network card. But Millitronic has solved this problem, and can even accept customized orders if people have special needs.

The common problem is the network card may connect to 5G of PICA but it cannot connect to the router. And this is not a problem if you buy it from Millitronic.

Consistently regarded as the smallest embedded systems, the NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of products has set off a new whirlwind in AIoT applications with unprecedented processing power, incredible power efficiency, and a small form factor that is easy to embed.

BSP (board support package, development version support package software) is a layer between the motherboard hardware and the driver layer program in the operating system. It is generally considered to be a part of the operating system, mainly to support the operating system, because the upper-level driver provides a set of functions to access hardware device registers, so that it can work better with the hardware motherboard. Therefore, the BSP must be written according to the definition of the system BSP to maintain the correct interface with the upper-layer OS and make user operations smooth and usable.

Millitronic launches Intel Wi-Fi 6E wireless industrial network card, which has been successfully verified in Jetson Nano and provides IEEE 802.11ax 2.4/5/6 GHz tri-band Wi-Fi application services, its BSS coloring and OFDMA wireless technology will greatly reduce the field Co-channel interference and communication delay (<5ms), wireless transmission speed up to 2.4Gbps (5/6GHz) and 600Mbps (2.4GHz), it is the remote monitoring of deploying a large number of wireless IP cameras and Nvidia Jetson.

Therefore, when buying a network card, sometimes it is not just the brand of the network card. Choosing the right shipping company is also an essential step. Millitronic’s engineers integrate various problems that almost all consumers will encounter, and make targeted solutions to ensure smooth use for all.

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