Let’s Enable 6GHz Wi-Fi on Your NVIDIA Jetson Platform


Millitronic provides Wi-Fi 6E solution for NVIDIA Jetson platform. The solution includes AX210.NGWGII.NV Intel network card, 6GHz dipole antenna kit, and the most important thing is, driver support.

As we found out that many customers have encountered Wi-Fi deployment issues when they tried to enable Wi-Fi connection on Jetson platform. With Millitronic’s solution and our driver service, we could help our customers to accelerate Wi-Fi 6E deployment and create a faster wireless network environment on NVIDIA Jetson platform.

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Millitronic provides users with a seamless and smooth wireless display experiences with reliable connection quality.

business contact: amy.tu@millitronic.com.tw

T:+886-2-26486697 #172




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