WiLink Station:Wi-Fi 6 Interactive Display Adapter


WiLink Station:Wi-Fi 6 Interactive Display Adapter

Millitronic’s WiLink Station is the world’s first wireless connectivity adapter that supports the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6).

“Our WiLink Station can replace traditional docking station products, freeing users from the limitations and inconveniences caused by cables connecting computers to external monitors.” ,said Alex Lin, General Manager of Millitronic.

To completely solve the range and cost limited by the wire, In addition, this product also supports two Wi-Fi connection modes.

The first is the P2P (peer-to-pear) connection with the router, allowing one-to-one or one-to-many device connection, adding more configurations flexibility. Under the one-to-many connection structure, one computer can be connected to multiple monitors for data transmission.

This has irreplaceable advantages in multi-person conferences, smart classrooms and other occasions that require multi-screen display.

The second is that the WiLink Station directly connects to the computer wirelessly to form a wireless docking station. Monitors, cameras, and even the mouse, keyboard, drawing board, etc. can be directly connected to the computer through the WiLink Station. Bring the computer with you no longer need to carry the adapter at the same time, it is available wherever you go.

Not only can this completely replace the messy cables on the desk, it is a great boon for freelancers and homeworkers.

From June 21st to 23rd, Millitronic and Innodisk will participate in Embedded World, an international exhibition in Nuremberg, Europe, and WiLink Station will also be exhibited at that time. There are many products such as Intel Wi-Fi 6E M.2 wireless industrial network card customized for the NVIDIA Jetson platform, and WiBridge that can connect various devices with USB.

Millitronic provides users with a seamless and smooth wireless display experiences with reliable connection quality. For more product information, please visit:

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