Millitronic Introduces WiFi 6 Media Server for Wireless Docking Station Applications


Millitronic introduced the WiFi 6 Media Server module. The module provides wireless docking functionality for portable touch screens and monitors. With the WiFi 6 Media server installed, an external monitor connects to Windows computer using WiFi 6 wireless connection, effectively realizing high-speed and low-latency two-way wireless multimedia transmission and overcoming the limitations posed by using a single computer screen.

The WiFi 6 Media Server module solves the aforementioned problems by offering wireless docking functionality for external displays, allowing for wireless projection and two-way signal transmission and removing the need for a physical wire connection between the computer monitor and external display. In the extended desktop mode, portable screens and monitors integrated with the WiFi 6 Media Server module can be used as the second screens of computers, seamlessly extending laptop screens and enabling users to enjoy the convenience of multi-tasking. Moreover, users can select the synchronous display function to wirelessly project laptop screens onto larger displays, creating a more comfortable WFH environment.

Additionally, the WiFi 6 Media Server is equipped with an USB port for connection to external USB devices such as a mouse and keyboard. It can also connect with external webcams, which allows homeworkers to participate in video conferences from home and ensures that work-related communication is not limited by time or spatial constraints. For connection to touch screens, the computer and external display need not be in the same location; as long as they are within wireless transmission range, users can use wireless touch-based signal transmission to operate computer applications on their external displays, allowing for diverse application.

The WiFi 6 Media Server module employs the latest wireless network communication standard—WiFi 6 (802.11ax)—and provides high-speed, low-latency, two-way wireless image transmission with a delay of less than 50ms. It has an image computing and transmission capacity of up to 1080p@60Hz and a transmission distance of up to 20 m. Furthermore, WiFi 6 Media Server supports the WiFi concurrent mode, during which at the same time that the wireless network projects the computer screen onto the external display, the host computer can still connect to the Internet and relevant network applications will still run smoothly as usual. The WiFi 6 Media Server allows the laptop computer and external displays to be connected through wireless signal transmission, bypassing the restraints of physical wires and assisting the user in creating a tidier WFH environment. In addition, its flexible and diverse methods of application make it the perfect tool for homeworkers to increase productivity.