Millitronic Launches Wireless Gigabit Docking Station

PR Newswire- May 28, 2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Millitronic Co., Ltd., a leading developer of 60GHz mmWave total solutions, today announced the availability of its commercial wireless gigabit docking HIVE and wireless gigabit USB3.0 adapter MG360 video networking product in response to the ever-increasing push by docking ODM to provide multi-gigabit bandwidth for laptop wireless docking solutions. The product incorporates the Peraso 802.11ad chipset in addition to having increased capacity. Having high-frequency 60GHz, means it provides greenfield spectrum that is virtually interference free in contrast to existing 2.4/5GHz bands, which have become saturated and do not offer a reliable channel of communication.

The low latency and high bandwidth aspect of WiGig technology is essential for video application usage, such as a video conference room. The benefit of 60GHz bandwidth user can remove the UVC IP camera USB cables and monitor HDMI display cables from the video conferencing console with ease. An example would be engaging in Skype business conferences using a single console. 

“The introduction of the HIVE and MG360 wireless video product brings forth a new era of performance and reliability for the video networking market” explains Alex Lin, President of Millitronic. “For example, most of the current laptops are not equipped with 802.11ad modules. However, with our MG360 802.11ad USB dongle and SDN (software defines network USB over IP), users can wirelessly extend HDMI/ VGA/USB3.0/Ethernet from their laptop to the docking station.”

“Peraso is thrilled to see the introduction of the Millitronic wireless video products to the market. Millitronic are pioneers in the wireless docking industry, and are clearly demonstrating the technical advantages that 60 GHz brings to this marketplace,” said Ron Glibbery, founder and senior VP of corporate development at Peraso.

Millitronic’s products have multiple advantages over other products in the networking video market:

  • The MG360 USB adapter is the first WiGig dongle to acquire FCC/ TELEC  certification 
  • Hive wireless dock provides USB3.0/HDMI/VGA/ethernet interface 
  • Advanced software define network (HIVE can send both touch screen signals and UVC camera video sources to the connected laptop)
  • Standard video quality 1080@60fps (4K @30fps optional) 

HIVE/ MG360 is available at Newegg market place

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